Civil Rights

Cordell Reagon Leads A
Non-Violent Training Session
Oxford, Ohio, 1964
Photographer: Danny Lyon

Candie was in Nashville, Tennessee, in the Spring of 1960, as an exchange student at Fisk University.

Nashville was the home of non-violent training workshops led by James Lawson.

Its participants would become some of the key leadership for the sit-ins and the freedom rides.

Here Cordell Reagon teaches non-violent resistance to harassment or attack.

Sit-ins spread like wildfire across the south in the Spring of 1960.

Nashville desegregated its lunch counters after four months of demonstrations and an effective economic boycott of the downtown area.

Highlander hosted the first gathering of Sit-in participants from around the south on the weekend of April 1-3.


Mathew Walker, Peggy
Alexander & Diane Nash,
Nashville, 1960
Photographer: SNCC Archive

Young Freedom Workers, 1960
Photographer: Bob Fitch

That is where we met. Guy was teaching songs relevant to the times, and much needed: "I'm Gonna Sit at the Welcome Table," "Keep Your Eyes on the Prize, Hold On," and of course "We Shall Overcome."

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