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Coal Mining Women, 1997, Rounder #4025
Sing for Freedom, 1990, Smithsonian/Folkways #40032
Been in The Storm So Long, 1990, Smithsonian/Folkways #40031

They'll Never Keep Us Down, 1984, Rounder #4012
Lest We Forget: Vol. 3, 1980, Folkways #5488
Lest We Forget: Vol. 2, 1980, Folkways #5487
Earl Gilmore: From the Depths of My Soul, 1977, June Appal (o-o-p)
China: Music from the People's Republic
, 1976, Rounder #4008
George Tucker, Kentucky Coal Miner, 1976, Rounder #064
Come All You Coal Miners, 1974, Rounder #4005
Story of Greenwood, Mississippi, 1965, Folkways #5593
Sea Island Folk Festival, 1964, Folkways #5593

We Shall Overcome, 1963, Folkways #5591
Freedom in the Air: Albany, Georgia, 1963, SNCC (o-o-p)
Nashville Sit-In Story, 1960, Folkways #5590
Been In The Storm So Long, 1967, Folkways #3842
Cumberland Moonshiner Hamper McBee, 1965, Prestige (o-o-p)

Guy & Candie Carawan:

Sparkles & Shines, 1999, Ponder Productions
Homebrew (The Carawan Family), 1992, Flying Fish #609
Tree of Life (Arbol de La Vida), 1990, Flying Fish #525
Old Blue & Other Favorites, 1990, self-produced
High On A Mountain, 1984, self-produced


Sing For Freedom: Songs of the Civil Rights Movement, Sing Out! Publications, 1990. ISBN# 0-86571-180-1 (Reissue of two earlier books in one volume)

Ain't You Got A Right To The Tree of Life? he People Of Johns Island, South Carolina, Their Faces, Their Words, And Their Songs, University of Georgia Press, 1989. ISBN# 0-82031-132-4 (originally Simon & Schuster, 1967)

Voices From The Mountains: Life And Struggle In The Appalachian South - The Words, The Faces, The Songs, The Memories Of the People Who Live It. University of Georgia Press, 1996. ISBN# 0-82031-882-5 University of Illinois Press, 1982. (originally Alfred A. Knopf, 1975)

(From cultural workshops organized by the Carawans at Highlander Center)

Come All You Coal Miners
Sparkles And Shines
Sing Me Back Home
Which Side Are You On?

Save The Land And People
Always Sing My Song: Sarah Ogan Gunning
People Like You Help People Like Me Go On

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