Sea Islands

Shouting in Moving Star Hall, 1964
Photographer: Robert Yellin


While we lived on Johns Island we developed a series of Sea Island Festivals, inviting the community and a larger public to hear the rich singing and shouting. We also worked with a small group of singers from Moving Star Hall to take their music and stories to festivals, colleges, and communities around the country.

Newport Folk Festival 1963: The Moving Star Hall singers and Bessie Jones from the Georgia Sea Island Singers performed and met traditional artists from all over the country.

What a priviledge it has been to live and work on Johns Island, to support the literacy citizenship work which enabled the community to empower itself and change the island politically. Building on the citizenship classes, island residents were able to vote in their own representatives, to establish their own health care center, senior housing, better roads and sanitation.

Janie Hunter, Ruth Bligen,
Bessie Jones, & Mary Pinckney
Newport Folk Festival, 1965
Photographer: David Gahr

Guy Carawan & Children
Johns Island, 1964
Photographer: Robert Yellin


They have also developed their own cultural festival which takes place each Fall to share the rich and ancient music and worship traditions.


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